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MDM - Mobile Device Management 

MDM - Mobile Device Management 

Whats does this mean?

MDM is a little piece of software that is embedded inside your device.  

The software then allows you to manage what apps are on the devices and how they are positioned on the screen.

Have a great app that you want to share with everyone?  MDM is essential for you.  Find a great app in class and share it out to all of the devices in your immediate area.

Need transparency over what your students are doing in class?  An MDM in conjunction with Apple Classroom shows an icon of every student in your class and what they are doing at any given time.

This can be shown on the teachers iPad or a Mac in realtime.

An MDM is essential if a school wants the devices to arrive in class and all be in a space that is conducive to learning.

MDM is designed to support the teachers to get technology out of the way and have it support the learning.

We have two products that we are most proud of -

Lightspeed Mobile Device Management -  Focused on Teachers 

JAMF - Focused on technology support engineers and Corporate environments