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When fibre just doesn't get there

Wireless Networks - Forget fibre the red tape's a killer
Mb3 are experts in the deployment of wireless solutions.   We are often in areas where the only access to connectivity is through the air.  
We refuse to accept no for an answer.  
If fibre doesnt get to you then give us a yell and we will find a way.
Our partnership with Noel Leeming and the Ngā Pūmanawa e Waru Education Trust has allowed us to build the gen-x community of wireless networks.
The gen-x network is aimed at enabling learners that don't have connectivity the ability to connect to a fibre service from School.
We use the school fibre and deploy it wirelessly across the Bay of Plenty and into students homes.
This network allows families to have access to ultrafast internet that would otherwise not be possible.
We are also connecting all Te Arawa Marae to the gen-x network and through a unified password system we enable uses to return to their marae and connect using a unified password.
When connectivity is ubiquitous and people are connecting to each other through our network, that's a measure of our success.
Connectivity is a basic human right and Mb3 are working with partners to ensure this becomes a reality in New Zealand.