Proud Partners
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Apple eco-system specialists

Mb3's core focus is on empowering people to innovate using technology.  
Our springboard for innovation is Apple
The team specialises in -​
Integrating Apple iOS & Mac OS devices into a Microsoft environment
Dual hosting Microsoft Servers & Mac OS Servers in the same environment
Integrating iOS devices into Mac OS environments and enabling both systems to work seamlessly together
Mass device deployment and management strategies 
MDM configuration into iOS, Mac OS, Windows & Chrome environments
Apple BYOD support for schools & enterprise
System wide management of large Apple networks
Shared iPad integration into Schools promoting a personal experience with every learner even when 1:1 environments are inequitable


We design Apple eco-systems in schools that support collaboration in the classroom. We do this by setting up management systems that allow sharing across the classroom in realtime.  We are also supporters using Apple TV in class to share work.  With the screen realestate of an iPad.  Apple TV's are a great way to share work

Learner Agency

When devices work to support learning in the classroom then the philosophy of developing agentic learners can ensue.  Technology should breed curiosity about the world.  We do this be ensuring all devices are working in an MDM platform that can support the teacher in the ability to push apps, web clips, movies out across devices immediately and within their own classroom.  

We empower teachers and learners to make learning decisions on their own yet in a safe and managed environment 


Devices need connectivity  to be seamless and without obstruction.  

We do this by ensuring your schools network is open, robust yet supports cyber safety for NZ learners.

Our company wide experience in WIFI is unparalleled when it comes to how it should be used to support Apple eco-systems and NZ learners in schools.


We believe that the technology should inspire trust.  Trust that it works seamlessly in the classroom to support learning.

We do this be decluttering all of the complexity that exists in our schools.  

Many schools still filter their networks twice, slowing down and complicating the experience for users.

Speed to the pedagogy is our core focus when supporting learning in the classroom.