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We believe that technology should enrich peoples lives and be the platform in which innovation can follow.

As our generation Z children move from fixed telephone systems and scheduled TV programming to app based communication and streaming TV their needs differ from the generation x people who invented it.

Our eco-system of choice is Apple,  we feel that the Apple eco-system aligns with our vision of making technology simple, robust and in turn inspiring and innovative.

Our world is focused on improving technology platforms in schools and organisations so that learning can take place with technology as the enabler.

Wireless Networks - 

Mb3 are focused on ensuring the wireless networks that serve our devices are simple, robust and secure.

New Zealand schools in particular have amazing networks that support learning in a safe and secure environment.  

We engineer our wireless networks to take advantage of that service but keep the pathways from the device to the web as open and as fast as possible. 

Apple Eco-systems -

Taking the plastic wrapper off a new device and unboxing for the first time is an amazing experience

Mb3 quietly works in the background with our trusted partners at Noel Leeming and Exeed to enable your devices to be opened and ready for work / learning in minutes.

Our focus on using technologies such as an MDM (Mobile device Management) platform coupled with Apple's DEP system for registering devices gives your school or organisation the assurance that the technology is managed and deployed with a high level safety and security.

Once the devices are enabled inside the MDM we work very closely with your school or organisation to ensure technologies such as the Apple School Manager (ASM) or the Apple Business Manager (ABM) platform are operating allowing your devices to be managed effectively.

If you think thats amazing then lets us show you the power of Apple Classroom and how that can be used effectively to manage learning in your school.

Mb3 live and breathe Apple eco-systems and have partnered with the Ngā Pūmanawa e Waru Education Trust in Rotorua, New Zealand to empower the districts schools that use Apple devices to use them based on best practice principles developed by Apple and the NPeW Education Trust.

With amazing partners like Noel Leeming, Apple and the NPeW Education Trust let Mb3 show you how technology could work to support you and inspire your life.

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