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Enriching lives using Apple technology


Bringing OUR VISION to life, we seek to INSPIRE, INNOVATE and EMPOWER digital transformations, leveraging the promise of technology to provide equality of information, learning and opportunity in our schools, communities and businesses.


Our values grow from our people and bind us to our community.



OnenessWe amplify the strengths of eachother through a unified focus.


Empowerment. ​ We nurture curiosity and individual skills to build sustained capability.


Care.  We are always looking to how we can help, and to change the world in our space.


The digital transformations we help enable are designed to give all users a path to a better future, providing access to the wealth of knowledge and opportunities our digital world offers, in a safe and secure environment.  


We believe when the value and process of digital transformation is clearly understood and welcomed, all else follows. To optimize and implement digital transformation solutions requires consultation and agreement, the formulation of policies and best practices, and training and guidance to leverage the investment in technology. It is only truly successful when the technology is intuitive to use and invisible to the user.


We offer expertise and facilitation in digital transformations from concept, consultation and installation, to maintenance and system upgrades. And as technologies continue to evolve, our approach, engagement and services will evolve to harness the advantages of the new opportunities they open up.

Heading 2


Mb3's predecessor was established in 2015 to provide a new kind of service in New Zealand, one that bridged cultures and communities to realize the promise of digital technology for everyone in the Rotorua - Bay of Plenty region, regardless of their geographic location, finances and equity. 


Having worked closely with Ngā Pūmanawa e Waru Education Trust (NPeW) to define a paradigm for change in our schools and communities, we created a company to supply the technology and services to successfully implement it.

From the outset, we focused on building understanding of the benefits of the digital transformation to the end user, and implementing that transformation by harnessing technology to create a ubiquitous user experience. 


Initially working with Noel Leeming, Apple and NPeW, over the years we have forged vital partnerships to enable us to provide comprehensive technology solutions and on-going support to over 70 schools, Iwi/hāpu and businesses throughout region and beyond. In this time we have built the expertise, knowledge and relationships, creating best practices and the capability to scale our services to support digital transformations throughout New Zealand.


We are especially proud of our 5-year association with Rotorua Boys' High School which saw them receiving both the Supreme Award and Excellence in Leading Award at the Prime Minister’s Education Excellence Awards in 2019. As the school graduates a new generation of digital natives at home in global life and the workplace, it is proof that realizing our vision is sparking powerful change. 


From our base in Rotorua, we look forward to continuing to harness new technologies to the benefit of schools, communities and businesses throughout New Zealand.


mb3 master 2023-2_0.75x.png

INSPIRE                               INNOVATE                            EMPOWER

Mb3 was founded by 3 technology loving mountain bikers living in Rotorua, and like mud on a knobbly the first ‘cool name’ that came to mind stuck. Attracted by the best dirt tracks in Aotearoa, our initial work in local schools and communities has grown organically, shaping solutions that inspire, innovate and  empower throughout the region, contribute to the growth of ubiquitous learning nationally, and have sparked interest internationally.


Our logo mark expresses the fusion of technology and our home in the sun. The zen ring alludes to our ongoing pursuit of perfection in our work, the multiple strands of expertise we apply to create integrated solutions, active, empowering and open to  the future.  

Select images of Rotorua in this website share this love of our home. They remain the copyright of our fellow mountain biker, Graeme Murray.

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