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Professional Learning with mb3

Apple Professional Learning Specialists work with teachers throughout the journey from acquiring foundational knowledge to developing instructional innovation that creates more a-ha moments with students.

All of our specialists are accredited with the Ministry of Education, Aotearoa for funding assistance.  They are also certified with Apple Inc. and are recognised experts with using their technology.


Apple Professional Learning Specialists focus on:

  • Contextualised support based on the needs of your school and your classroom

  • How Apple technology enhances learning in the classroom

  • Hands-on and immersive learning experiences using iPad or Mac

  • Bringing a global view on technology and inculcating it into teacher practice

  • Personal experience with innovative teaching and learning, taking that and enhancing it
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Mb3 Ltd.                 |           1134 Hinemoa St.              |               Rotorua               |                Aotearoa - New Zealand

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