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Our services are directly related to the capabilities required to fulfil our mission to provide equality of information, learning and opportunity in our schools, communities and businesses. Over time, we have developed specific skill sets, expertise and knowledge to meet the challenges our clients face, to help them leverage the benefits of a digital transformation in their field, and the future-focused potential it opens up.



Since our founding we have worked to realise the promise of the UBIQUITOUS LEARNING ENVIRONMENT, creating the foundations, framework, collaborations and implementing the technologies that make it possible. In this 7-year journey we have taken on numerous challenges, helping create new solutions in fields as diverse as policy, community consultation and financing, to enable the digital technology implementations, user training and security that are our core services. 


Creating a ubiquitous learning environment requires a fresh mindset from administrators, teaching staff, students and the community. We help plan the changes, supply the devices, technologies and systems required to put it in place, the training to optimize the benefits, and support to ensure the system runs smoothly.


We work with schools from pre-school through to secondary and special learning, putting in place learning environments that range from traditional to hybrid through to ubiquitous. Our partnerships with key technology suppliers enable us to provide comprehensive solutions and on-going support to over 70 schools and maraes throughout the region and beyond.

  • Specialists in strategic planning, infrastructure, deployment and management of digital education platforms, including hardware and software

  • Hybrid eco-system integration

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) configuration and end-to-end support 

  • Apple School Manager (ASM) and Apple Business Manager (ABM) support, enablement and implementation

  • Professional learning for teachers with Apple Professional Learning (APLS)

  • Apple Consultants Network members (sole member in the Rotorua region)





With the New Zealand government’s commitment to providing fibre-to-schools, all schools in the country have a safe and secure connection to the Internet. The challenge we took on was to enable the reality of a UBIQUITOUS LEARNING ENVIRONMENT that is 24/7 beyond the school gate, so that every child can learn anywhere, anytime, at their own pace. 


Our solution was to leverage the existing fibre networks in schools supplied through N4L and their safe, managed environment, using internet-over-the-air to provide equality of information to communities and families with limited access to the internet. Internet-over-the-air networks enable us to serve remote locations by beaming the internet between points up to several kilometres apart, as long as they have line-of-sight, overcoming the cost, distance, regulatory and other challenges required to lay in an optical fibre line. We plan, build and maintain carrier (uplink) and deployment (downlink to individual access points) networks, as well as the power systems in remote locations as required.  

These systems bring the power and the promise of internet learning, communication and services environments to rural communities, contributing to equality of information, revitalising community bonds, and connecting them with wider worlds. They are a critical link conserving heritage and historic knowledge, further contributing to the deep and richness of our living culture.

  • Iwi and marae based Wi-Fi solutions; specialists in planning, infrastructure, deployment and management within a cultural framework

  • Wireless networking including WAN and long distance connectivity

  • Rural networking and IOT integration

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