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Haere mai, If you would like to connect to the gen-x network in your area please fill out the form below and we will be in contact shortly. 

Please read the conditions below and feel free to send us an email - if you have further queries.

I have read the terms and conditions set out below and approve.

Terms and conditions

We check if you can get a connection to the WIFI Access Points.  We may come out and have a look as well.


Our basic plan starts from $550 inc GST.  Custom connections with more Access points to spread through your home will incur extra charges.

Please pay the connection fee to - 

Mb3 Ltd

Kiwibank - 38-9017-0409970-00


Particulars - YOUR NAME


An Mb3 Install Agent will organise a time with you to install the equipment needed to get Internet service.

The network service provided by the Ministry of Education is available to your establishment for no charge.

This fibre enters a school and is beamed to a number of points before it reaches you.

Mb3 has no control over the availability of this service.  In the event of a fibre outage at the school in which you are being provided the service from Mb3 cannot guarantee a time in which the problem will be rectified.

The fibre service into the school is provided by Chorus and Network 4 Learning (N4L).


Mb3 Ltd will attempt to isolate the issue in the event an outage occurs and work with all relevant parties to get the service back online within a reasonable amount of time.


Due to the complexities of networks Mb3 Ltd is unable to influence other suppliers that provide internet service when it comes to expediting an issue.


NPeW and Mb3 Ltd. upon installation of the equipment guarantees that equipment for a period of 12 months.

During that 12 months if a failure of the equipment occurs and it is deemed to be hardware related and is covered by the manufacturers warranty, Mb3 Ltd. will create an RMA and send the equipment away for repair.

Once the replacement equipment arrives an Mb3 Ltd. representative will re-install the equipment.


In the event the problem is deemed to be through negligence at the premises than installation, equipment and inspections costs will incur.

Mb3 Ltd can change a password on request.  All network traffic is directed through a filtering service provided by the Ministry of Education.  Although the network is setup to allow students the freedom of discovery on the web you may experience a block in service when a certain website is accessed.


All services that are deemed unsafe for our students will be filtered and disallowed through the network.

The freedom of this service is decided by the school and Network 4 Learning.


Mb3 Ltd will work with the school to ensure the network remains as safe as possible. It takes no responsibility in the event end-users exercise such things as a cyber-attack or initiate cyber-bullying.


Any issues that arise between the end-user on your premise is your responsibility.

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's



Whats the difference between VDSL and the gen-x network?


VDSL uses Chorus and your Internet Provider (Spark) to send your internet service to you.  VDSL can download quickly but upload speeds tend to suffer.  What this means is that you can watch youtube OK but when you connect with Skype or FaceTime the other people see a scratchy picture.  This is because you need good upload speeds to use these types of services.  The gen-x network to your home is as fast down as it is up.  So Skype will work much better than it does now.


Are there any caps or limits on our internet?


No, the internet that you get at your house comes from the Ministry of Education.  You would have received this document because a high standing member of our community has given his permission for you to connect.


How much do we pay a month after the $550 is paid?


Nothing.  The initial cost of the equipment is $550, the internet service itself is provided by the Ministry of Education.

If the service goes down at your end or equipment is damaged then there will be a costs charged for a technician to visit your home.


How fast is the service?


Internet speeds are very difficult to define because of how the internet works.  Sometimes Netflix or Youtube get very busy at their end.

This means like anything else, we have to wait for them to serve us.

The service will be markedly better than what you have now.

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